Our aspireMD products and services are intended to work in synergy – your desired outcome achieved with multiple treatments. 

  • A step-wise, compounded approach is necessary to ensure your utmost safety. 
  • Assessing the treatment results and recalibrate as needed to achieve your optimal benefit. 

As such, the aspireMD team will always calculate a savings for you when you trust the aspireMD process and purchase your custom individually formulated treatment program.

Package Savings:

Enjoy the benefits of a package of treatments such as:

Product Savings

Take home something to complement your treatment and SAVE!

Save 15% off skincare when purchased with a treatment.

Save $50 on an Envy Pillow when purchased with a treatment.

Buy 6 products and enjoy a complimentary Silkpeel just for you!

Laser Hair Removal Savings

Add on to your Laser Hair Removal treatment and enjoy the SAVINGS:

1st additional area = save 10%
2nd additional area = save 15%
3rd additional area = save 20%

*Savings applied to lesser valued treatment*

Enjoy the ULTIMATE savings with our Rent the Laser Hair Removal Machine by the Hour program:

  • $250 for 30 minutes
  • $450 for one hour
  • $150 per 15 minutes after first 30 or 60 minutes
  • $200 per 30 minutes after the first hour


We invite you to book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Jane and the aspireMD team to formulate the best synergy of treatments to achieve your personal goals.

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