Active Acne Laser Therapy

aspireMD - Active Acne Laser Therapy

It is critical that your active acne outbreaks are adequately controlled to prevent further scarring and get you on your path towards clear, smooth skin, ASAP.

There are a number of factors responsible for acne. Hormonal fluctuations, increased sebum/oil production, congested and clogged pores with bacterial infiltration all need to be addressed.

The best acne program uses combination therapy to target these various culprits.

The aspireMD Nd:YAG laser focuses the Medical Power of Light to disinfect and reduce inflammation in the acne cysts and pimples. The laser selectively disables and destroys the overactive sebaceous glands through photo-selective absorption and controlled heating.

Your aspireMD skin care team will recommend supplementary products and services to enhance your skin’s responsiveness to the treatment.

With a thorough initial assessment and diagnosis, Dr. Jane and her aspireMD skin health team formulate the best approach for you. A full explanation of all of your options, including specific considerations of each will be discussed.

When all of your questions are answered, Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo will work with you to create your optimal treatment plan, encompassing your personal objectives and desired outcomes.

The aspireMD skin care team will take exceptional care of you from start to finish on your journey towards smoother, clearer, healthier skin. Your better begins here!

After your initial consultation, when all your questions have been answered and you are comfortable with the treatment plan, your informed consent will be obtained. Expect to have your photograph taken to record your baseline image and celebrate your improvement. Your photographs will be kept in your file with the same strict confidentiality as the rest of your medical records.

If desired, you will have the option of having aspireMD comfort cream applied to the treatment area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. These arrangements may be made when booking your appointment or calling the clinic before your treatment. We invite you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your treatment to apply the aspireMD comfort cream.  

Before treatment begins, the area to be treated will be thoroughly cleansed with an antiseptic cleanser. Both you and your laser technician will wear protective eyewear.  During the treatment, the Nd:YAG hand piece delivers laser energy as it passes over the skin, following a precise protocol. The patient experiences a tingling heat sensation as the thermal effects of the laser works on the acne lesions. The entire treatment is very comfortable. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes to complete depending on the size and depth of the area being treated.

  • You may jump back into the stride of your day immediately after your treatment as there is no downtime.
  • Your skin may have a pink or red flush for a few hours.
  • If this is of concern to you, your skincare technician will colour-match and apply our best-in-class acne conceal therapeutic makeup Oxygenetix.
  • Your technician will organize your next treatment sessions according to the Acne Program you are registered for.
  • The treatment protocol for active laser treatment is one 20-minute session once weekly for 4-6 weeks.
  • Talk to us about significant savings with our package pricing.

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