Intimate Issues

We all have aspects of our being that we privately navigate. Talking about it, even to a doctor, may provoke even more distress.

We understand it may be awkward, but believe us, you are not alone dealing with the hormonal and degenerative intimate issues many women face. The aspireMD team of healthcare professionals are expert at alleviating any embarrassment or concern around these sensitive topics. We have some of the very best solutions for you and will assist you every step of the way.

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In addition to our wide range of solutions for the variety of unique feminine concerns, aspireMD is pleased to offer our patients a revolutionary remedy to women’s intimate issues that previously only surgery could address.

One simple laser procedure, three amazing results:

  1. Reclaim bladder control
  2. Tighten the vaginal canal
  3. Stimulate vaginal lubrication and sexual responsiveness
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