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Rosacea, an inflammatory skin disorder, often begins as a redness or flushing, gradually progressing over time, when blood vessels become visible and tiny pimples may appear on the skin. Most commonly appearing on the face (cheeks, nose, chin or forehead), rosacea may also cause a burning or itching sensation, even of the eyes.

As a progressive, chronic condition, rosacea has no cure. Fortunately, the aspireMD skincare team has formulated various treatment approaches to help manage and control your skin’s reactivity. Your symptoms will be significantly reduced, its progression halted and your heated countenance will be calmed.

Your skin deserves aspireMD’s expert assessment and careful treatment.

During your first visit, you will meet with Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo and a member of the aspireMD skin health care team for a complimentary consultation. After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Burk-Vassallo will assess your current concerns, integrating her 20+ year professional expertise to your care. A detailed conversation and assessment will help formulate your diagnosis.  

Dr. Jane believes knowledge is empowering, and she will fully explain each recommendation to that end, helping you navigate the myriad of choices. When all of your questions are answered, Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo will then develop the best treatment approach for you.

The aspireMD image healthcare team will take exemplary care of you from start to finish on your journey to your healthiest skin. Let us aspire you!

The foundation for Rosacea treatment and prevention is:

Rosacea-specific medically advanced skin care

Blend & Boost
ColoureScience AllCalm
Skin Medica

Prescriptions by Dr. Jane

Photorejuvenation with Light technology (BBL)
Laser Colour Correction

An initial consultation with Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo and her skin health team will cover a wide range of the best in-class therapies for healthy skin. The aspireMD team will determine the best approach to improve your skin, creating a unique program for each individual.

After your initial consultation, when all your questions have been answered and you are comfortable with the treatment plan, your informed consent will be obtained. Expect to have your photograph taken to record your baseline image and celebrate your improvement. Your photographs will be kept in your file with the same strict confidentiality as the rest of your medical records.

Look for the details of each product, service or technology in the specific category of this aspireMD website.

We recommend that you use sunscreen daily. Also avoid using harsh creams such as retinols immediately after your clinic treatment. Your aspireMD technician will guide you with personalized specific recommendations.

Following the aspireMD program, you will be thrilled with your results; however, considering that Rosacea is a chronic condition, periodic maintenance is recommended.

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Such relief, that at last I am not embarrassed by my red face. The aspireMD staff helped me immensely to improve and maintain my rosacea. Thank you Dr. Burk-Vassallo!

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