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For those who want it all, we’ve curated a synergistic approach to address every deterioration that occurs in this blessing of aging.

The aspireMD Refresh Program is a culmination of the best aspireMD has to offer towards revitalizing you (from an outward perspective).

P.S. If you are interested in starting from an inside-first reset, we have everything you need for that energy shift as well. Forward to our aspireMD Younique Personalized Medicine Program: Genomic Assessment, Nutritional Enhancement and Hormone Optimization will customize your health in a scientifically innovative and wholly individualized program.

Returning to our skin-first approach, the aspireMD Refresh Program is a combination of medically advanced products, services and technologies to address the 4Ds of your Aging Face and revitalize the canvas of your face; a.k.a. your work of art: you skin! From the skin, we probe deeper with lasers and injectables to target the skin’s supporting matrix – creating a look of balance with flow of your facial canvas, foundational support and masculine contours.

Your aspireMD refreshed look will translate to a harmonizing energized feel!

A customized combination of a selection of aspireMD products and treatments may include:

A Younique combination of offerings will be recommended to reclaim your refreshed mojo!

During your first visit, you will meet with Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo and a member of the aspireMD skin health team for a complimentary consultation. After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Burk-Vassallo will assess your current concerns, integrating her 20+ year professional expertise to your care. A detailed conversation and assessment will formulate your diagnosis. Dr. Jane will develop the best treatment approach for you.

Dr. Jane believes knowledge is empowering, and she will fully explain each recommendation to that end. When all of your questions are answered, Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo will work with you to create your treatment plan which encompasses your personal objectives and desired outcomes.

The aspireMD skin health team will take stellar care of you from start to finish on your journey to own your future. Your better begins here!

4D's of Aging Face

Age, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors gradually accumulate and take their toll on our skin, fat, muscle and bone, resulting in the Four Dimensions of Aging...

Your Concerns

Deterioration – The above factors create changes in texture, colour (pigment spots, red or brown), pore size, hydration and reduced radiance. This irregular skin complexion diminishes vitality.

Deflation – We sustain a progressive loss of volume in our face over time. The process of deflation may be compared to a grape evolving into a raisin. The skin is the cover that is left with a gradually shrinking support base as the fat, muscle and bone all decrease in volume. While all facial structures are affected by atrophy as we age, most volume loss occurs in the subcutaneous fat layer.

Descent – Loss of collagen and elasticity causing sagging of the facial tissue. This pull of gravity is often noticed first in falling eyelids, eyebrows and jowl formation as we age.

Dynamic Lines – Repeated muscle activity produces fine lines, wrinkles, folds and furrows. Soon these expressive lines are etched into our skin and convey sad, angry and tired emotions - on our face, neck, chest, hands and frankly everywhere on our body! They all convey a worn down, less vibrant appearance.

The delicate skin around the eyes is often the first area to express fatigue and negativity.

Next, our jowls and neck carry the weight of age and gravity.

As aging is a multi-factorial  process, aspireMD has created a multi-layered approach to combat these negative expressions of aging.

Man Aging over Time

After your initial consultation, when all your questions have been answered and you are comfortable with the treatment plan, your informed consent will be obtained. Expect to have your photograph taken to record your baseline image and celebrate your improvement.   Your photographs will be kept in your file with the same strict confidentiality as the rest of your medical records.

Depending on the treatment being performed, aspireMD comfort cream will be applied to the treatment area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.     

Your process will be unique to that product, service or technology of the specific step of your treatment plan that you are in. The details of each will be found in the applicable category of our aspireMD website.

A Younique combination of offerings will be recommended to reclaim your refreshed mojo!

Look for the details of each product, service or technology in the specific category of this aspireMD website.

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