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Dr. Jane knows all about veins. During your visit she will evaluate your condition and refer you for any needed investigations. With this information she will thoroughly explain the treatment options she recommends for you which may include:

Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo does not currently perform EVLA/VenaSeal™ procedures at her aspireMD clinic. She will educate you if it is a good option for you.  

If non-surgical closure with laser (EVLA) or Sealant (VenaSeal™) is decided you can expect:

  • Procedure performed in a private clinic with minimal recovery (resume normal activities immediately)
  • Recurrence Rate: 6% within 10 years
  • Procedure is never covered by OHIP. Private insurance plans with extended health spending account may cover it.

Further information may be obtained on the following websites:

Trust Dr. Jane to take exemplary care of you from start to finish in supporting your legs – thereby supporting your life!

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Thank you Dr. Jane for helping me navigate my healthcare to help my legs. I appreciate your guidance, recommendations and effective treatments.

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