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Full, well-defined lips radiates youth and beauty. Belotero® Lips is the latest and most innovative approach that has been designed specifically to deliver the personalized results you are looking for to enhance your lips' shape and fullness. 

A Belotero® Lips treatment includes two hyaluronic acid dermal filler products - "Shape" and "Contour" - which delivers the ability to personalize your custom lips.  Do not worry, you are not being injected with twice the product - rather, 2 different products are used effectively where needed to structure and fill in your lips.  The results look and feel completely natural. 
Just as lipstick and lipliner complement each other, these two filler products work in harmony to target different aspects of the lips and their shape. Belotero® Lip Contour is your liner, outlining and structuring your Shape is used to augment and enhance the upper and lower lip while Belotero® Lips Contour is designed to define the outline of the lip.

Other benefits of lip enhancement with Belotero® Lips include:

·  Balanced appearance

·  Natural, even volume

·  Enhanced curves and contour

·  Highly comfortable with long-lasting results

If you are interested in learning more about Belotero® Lips, please contact us to book a complimentary consultation.


After your initial consultation, when all your questions have been answered and you are comfortable with the treatment plan; your informed consent will be obtained. Expect to have your photograph taken to record your baseline image and celebrate your improvement. Your photographs will be kept in your file with the same strict confidentiality as your medical records.

The lip has a dense concentration of nerve endings (hence why a kiss is sooo pleasurable ;) ). The flip side of that fact is that the lip is also more sensitive to pain. With that in mind, the aspireMD team will prepare you for your treatment by applying aspireMD unique formulation comfort cream for 20-30 minutes prior to your procedure.

Once the area is cleansed with antiseptic cleanser, Dr. Jane will strategically and artistically inject the filler to reshape, restore and/or 3D volumize your lips to achieve your lip personality. Dr. Jane will ensure you’re expressing the most positive, vibrant version of yourself!

A cannula is used to float the product where needed. A cannula is a comfort tipped fine tube created to maximize safety and to minimize pain, trauma and bruising of your delicate tissues.

  • You may resume your regular schedule immediately following your procedure.  You’ll likely want to go out to celebrate and show them off!
  • You will be given verbal and written instructions of what to do and not do to achieve your optimal results.  
  • Be mindful to keep your lips as neutral as possible during the 48 hours after your procedure.  Dr. Jane advises that you refrain from vigorous exercise and enthusiastic use of your lips for 48 hours after your treatment ;)
  • Talking and eating is fine. Coffee and tea may be consumed, though you should avoid extremes of temperatures.
  • The treatment area may be slightly red, swollen or tender for minutes to days following your procedure.  An ice gel pack will be provided to help reduce swelling and alleviate discomfort if necessary.
  • In the rare advent of a bruise, we welcome you to call for a same-day appointment for a complimentary bruise-lifting laser/light treatment.
  • Although you will see results immediately, they will continue to improve once swelling abates in 2-4 days and once the product is fully integrated into your tissues in 2 weeks.
  • To alleviate any first time jitters, Dr. Jane explains that the dermal filler used is so natural that she has an enzyme to immediately dissolve away any undesired outcome, though such a maneuver is never actually requested.
  • Dermal filler treatments typically last 6-12 months depending on the product used and level of lip activity.
  • Dr. Jane reminds you to avoid: smoking, using straws, narrow mouthed water bottles, whistling, or any other activities that promote excessive lip puckering to optimize the longevity of your luscious lips.

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