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Dr. Jane is always advising her patients the best at home care preventative and post-treatment recommendation is to sleep on your back and here is why …

Pushing delicate facial tissue into a pillow for hours every night will over time press unwanted sleep wrinkles or creases into our faces.  Where once (in our youth) these sleep wrinkles disappeared soon after starting our day, as we age and naturally loose our hydration, elasticity and collagen, these sleep wrinkles become etched deeper and more permanently. Avoiding these unnecessary wrinkles could take years off of our appearance.  A great night's sleep and a beauty boost all in one.

Anatom of Envy

The perfectly engineered ergonomic sloped sides cradle and tilt your head, putting you in the optimal sleeping position and helping you maintain neck support and alignment correctly.  Research supports the Envy pillow helps avoid tissue contact which is the only way to reduce facial tissue creasing (sleep wrinkles) when you sleep.  The design of the ergonomic sloped sides optimizes the Envy pillow to ensure a wrinkle free and supported sleep!

Upgrade the luxurious bamboo pillowcase to an even more enviable copper case to sooth sensitive skin or a silk pillowcase to naturally promote skin and hair glide, smoothness and health.

As an approved distributer of the Envy pillow .. stop in today and experience for yourself what a good night’s rest will do for you both inside and out!

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