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SilkPeel™ is an advanced skin-resurfacing dermalinfusion treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance. SilkPeel™ exfoliates and withdraws toxins while infusing your skin with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Your skin is smoothed and refined with a visible, radiant glow.  SilkPeel™ is the only procedure that exfoliates as it delivers a skin-specific serum. SilkPeel™ leaves you with fresher-feeling, better-looking skin. The aspireMD skin health team will select a specific SilkPeel™ solution to target either fine lines, discolouration, dehydration, acne or to provide antioxidant protection.

With a thorough initial assessment and diagnosis, Dr. Jane and her aspireMD skin health team formulate the best approach for you. A full explanation of all of your options, including specific considerations of each, will be discussed.

Once all of your questions are answered, Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo will work with you to create your optimal treatment plan, encompassing your personal objectives and desired outcomes.

The aspireMD skin health team will take exceptional care of you from start to finish on your journey to be your own beautiful. Let us aspire you!

After your initial consultation, when all your questions have been answered and you are comfortable with the treatment plan, your informed consent will be obtained. Expect to have your photograph taken to record your baseline image and celebrate your improvement.   Your photographs will be kept in your file with the same strict confidentiality as the rest of your medical records.

No need to take your makeup off first, we will take care of everything for you. Truly a lunchtime refresh!

Your skin will be thoroughly and relaxingly cleansed and prepped for your treatment.  

In conjunction with Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo, your technician will assess your skin and your specific concerns to choose the dermalinfusion serum appropriate for you. The specialized hand piece consists of light suction to allow for exfoliation and debridement of the stratum corneum as well as a chamber that instantly infuses the ingredient-rich serum to target your concerns. The headpiece is passed over the skin in multiple vector passes.  

After your treatment, moisturizing cream and a cosmetically elegant sunscreen is applied to your skin as you enjoy a facial massage.

Congratulations! You have taken the first steps in refreshing your look and renewing your self-appreciation!

  • With no healing time, patients may resume regular activities immediately following treatment.
  • The skin may appear slightly flushed, which will generally subside within hours.  
  • Furthermore, you will be given the option of colour matching your skin to our Oxygenetix Therapeutic Foundation line to conceal any redness. With no downtime, you will then be ready to confidently get back in stride with your day.
  • Your results are further optimized, with extended longevity of benefits using medically advanced daily skincare as your daily maintenance regime. The aspireMD team will advise you regarding our best recommendations.
  • For best results with the SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion, a series of treatments is recommended to support you on your path towards luminous skin. A package of six sessions spaced one month apart is your most effective and financially efficient approach. In addition, purchase a package and receive one physician-grade skin care product free (equal or lesser in value to one treatment session).

SilkPeel™ is also a wonderful adjunct to our laser and light therapies. Talk to your skin health technician about how SilkPeel™ will enhance your subsequent treatments. Ask us about a SilkPeel™ discount when you are doing concurrent laser treatments within the month.

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I am obsessed with SilkPeels! It always makes my skin look fresh and my face feels amazingly soft. I treat myself every 4 weeks and I can see a huge difference in my skin, it is clearer, smoother and healthier than ever!

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