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With age, hormonal imbalance, weight gain and the intense stress of childbirth, many women experience weakening of the muscles in their vagina and genitourinary tracts. Additionally, similar factors contribute to thinning and compromised vaginal tissue (known as atrophy).

These initially subtle changes translate to various issues for a woman including urinary stress incontinence (involuntary loss of urinary control with increased pressure created with a laugh, cough, sneeze or certain movements). With loose muscles in the area the ability to create friction is also dramatically reduced, this has been scientifically proven to adversely affect sexual gratification. Dry and thinning vaginal and bladder supportive tissues result in uncomfortable and improper functioning of the feminine genitourinary tracts.

aspireMD offers a comprehensive Intimate Issues Program using the Medical Power of Light, a non-surgical option for tightening the tissues within the vagina and external genital-urinary region, combined with local topical application of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

Performed via a small adapter comfortable for all vaginas, this laser procedure is suitable for women who wish to avoid surgery.

By improving the tone and strength of the tissues that support the bladder, 95% women report a significant improvement in urinary control. Simultaneously, tightening of the vaginal canal has scientifically demonstrated 95% of women reporting greater sexual satisfaction.

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