Transforming Fear

Transforming Fear

Choosing to transmute our anxieties to inner peace.

In this challenging time of uncertainty we are experiencing a potential threat to our most precious commodity ~ the health and welfare of ourselves and loved ones. The plethora of negative news and social media with resultant economic fallout has triggered the understandable emotion of FEAR.

Fear is a natural emotion that signals a potential threat to your physical or emotional safety; however, fear unchecked by facts leads to negative behaviours like discrimination and poor decision making as well as adverse emotional fallout such as anxiety, worry, stress and illness.

Whether the threatening culprit be COVID-19 or any other unfavourable situation in our day to day lives, how can we avoid living in a fearful state?

As much as it’s important to acknowledge our environments through media, relationships and personal interactions, if our primary objective is to remain calm, with inner peace and contentedness, then we must make a conscious decision that you are the GUARD at the door of your mind. YOU get to determine what and who you focus on. Whatever we focus on, we feel – whether it is true or not. Our attention to it will create more of the same, thereby our perception will become our reality.

The power in this knowing is that you have full control over what you choose to focus on. Keep choosing better feeling thoughts, even if it means you are creating those positive, uplifting visions in your mind. Your thoughts create your feelings and emotions which become your reality.

Guarding your thoughts and focus doesn’t mean living in a bubble or ignoring the reality in which you live. It simply means making conscious decisions about what you are willing to give your precious time, energy and effort to.

In these and all challenging times, remember to GUARD your focus and thoughts. If we are not deliberate about choosing better thoughts to discipline our fear and control our focus – the worrisome, fear mongering world is ready to cause us to spiral by default.

Radiating compassionate care to yourself and others helps calm the ramped up mental and emotional energy, which drives fear momentums beyond what seems manageable. We can change these behavior patterns. We can use this virus as a practice opportunity to finally regain our power by transmuting our fear to controlled concern, which connects us with intelligent choices and actions.

Controlled concern is a health-conscious replacement for fear.

We all possess the same inner core of strength and guidance. As well, we all benefit from reminders for tapping into our inner knowing and Universal Intelligence, whether you consider it a spirit, God, collective consciousness or beyond. This conversation’s purpose is not to be entangled in semantics, but to share and collaboratively thrive with principles of positively living our best life!

Theory is easy, whereas practical application in the worry of the moment is more difficult. Your steps to ‘Transforming Fear’ sequel will be in your inbox tomorrow.   


Stay well – Psyche & Soma

Dr. Jane


Reader's Choice Diamond Award Winner
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