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If you’re fortunate enough to have a Southern destination this winter and even for us who are rooted here in Niagara - protecting your skin from the temptress and magnetic force of that radiant sun is a noble pursuit.  

My shield is to apply my antioxidant serum 2CRM+ followed by skin tone glow foundation of tinted sunscreen Tizo3 as my morning routine. As I am out and about in the great outdoors I keep the makeup respecting, oil absorbing, easy & elegant sun protecting, skin tone matched Sunforgettable Powder mineral filter in my bag for my protection every 2 hours.

In general, sunscreens that are broad-spectrum with coverage for both UVA and UVB ray are most desirable.  Sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxides (mineral, physical blockers and filters) are categorized as natural health products, they act as a shield of protection. These physical sunscreens suit most skin types;  since they are free from chemicals, they do not irritate the skin.  As opposed to the undesired chemical UV filters that penetrate and react with the harmful UV rays within your skin , therefore drying and as well who knows what else with that type of reactivity within the skin. Chemical UV filters are found in popular Neutrogena and Ombrelle TM. Products should be paraben and PABA free.

The use of Physician Grade Skincare which include antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, E and peptides, are the first line of defense in protecting and perfecting your precious skin.

aspireMD carries a full spectrum of Physician Grade Broad Spectrum Sunscreens; fall in love with TIZO, our #1 rated sunscreen filter – beautiful protection for ultra sensitive skin. Soothes and protects sensitive and easily-irritated skin. Non-comedogenic. No chemical sunscreen filters, no oils, fragrances or dyes. Feels silky and elegant . Luxuriate in TIZO3, a soft sheer matte finish, colour matched to your individual skin type to enhance skin’s radiance.

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