Keep Calm and Love Your Skin

Age, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors gradually accumulate and take their toll on our skin, fat, muscle and bone, resulting in the Four Dimensions of aging... 


DETERIORATION: The above factors create changes in texture, colour (pigment spots; red or brown), pore size, hydration and reduced radiance. This irregular skin complexion diminishes vitality.

DEFLATION: We sustain a progressive loss of volume in our face over time. The process of deflation may be compared to a grape evolving into a raisin. The skin is the cover that is left with a gradually shrinking support base as the fat, muscle and bone all decrease in volume. While all facial structures are affected by atrophy as we age, most volume loss occurs in the subcutaneous fat layer. 

DESCENT: Loss of collagen and elasticity causing sagging of the facial tissue. This pull of gravity is often noticed first in falling eyelids, eyebrows and jowl formation as we age. 

DYNAMIC LINES: Repeated muscle activity produces fine lines, wrinkles, folds and furrows. Soon these expressive lines are etched into our skin and convey sad, sick and tired emotions that show on our face, neck, chest, hands and frankly everywhere on our body! All conveying a less vibrant appearance.

The delicate skin around the eyes is often the first area to express fatigue and negativity. Next our jowls and neck carry the weight of age and gravity.


Your Skin Is Truly One of a Kind

Understanding that aging is a multi-factorial process, aspireMD has created a multi-layered approach to combat these negative expressions of aging.

aspireMD is thrilled to announce our innovative imaging system providing quantitative analysis of eight skin features and demonstrating to you what the naked eye cannot see.   

Reveal Beneath your Skin - with Visia™

Using a state-of-the-art camera, the VISIA™ Skin Complexion Analysis gives a complete picture of skin health, to better determine what treatments may be necessary to obtain, and maintain, a beautiful appearance.  

A comprehensive assessment of preexisting damage and future aging allows each patient to receive a customized aesthetic plan, specifically designed to address their unique needs.

We invite you to speak to our aspireMD team about your individualized approach towards a revitalized you!

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