BBL Forever Young

Who doesn’t want to stop the clock on the appearance of aging skin?!
aspireMD has the perfect treatment to do just that.
As an industry leader and true game changer, we are proud to offer you Forever Young BBL!

Forever Young BBL targets all (or most of) your skin concerns all at once, and is the ONLY device proven to actually alter your skins gene expression to achieve long lasting anti-aging results. Studies showed a skin age reversal of TEN years! 

Similar to the Corrective BBL we all know and love, Forever Young BBL targets redness, sun damage, freckles, age spots, rosacea and veins/vessels. This process will restore your skin to its natural health, making it clearer, smoother, more even skin tone, vibrant and able to achieve a younger looking you!
The advanced settings and extensive protocols of Forever Young BBL is the key to the repair of your skins DNA, so it is both a therapeutic and preventative treatment.

Forever Young BBL is an innovative technology that uniquely delivers light therapy targeting the signs of aging, sun damage, pigment (red & brown) irregularities while effectively providing a more refreshed, skin age reversed, youthful you!
Forever Young BBL works by gently heating the lower layers of the skin while the top layers are cooled by the machines sapphire plate. The lower layers of the skin absorb the heat and are stimulated to regenerate and create new collagen.
Topical Anesthetic is not required as the treatment is not painful, it feels similar to the snap of an elastic band. However, feel relaxed that aspireMD has an extensive comfort assured program if discomfort (comfort assured program link) is a concern.
A colourless water-based gel will be applied to your skin to increase comfort and enhance the efficacy of the treatment. 

Once preparation is complete, your treatment will begin.  There will be 7 passes done using the Forever Young BBL device. Each pass is a unique filter and setting to precisely target and achieve your desired result.
Full Forever Young BBL results will be visible starting about 2 weeks post treatment and will continue to boost collagen for approximately 6 months after. It is recommended to follow the treatment plan set out for you by your aspireMD team in order to achieve and maintain results.

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