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Frustrated by stubborn pockets of fat despite your fierce efforts?!?
Don’t fret; we are evolutionarily pre-disposed hold onto areas of fat to protect caveman/woman through the lean hunting season.
But hey, aspireMD gets that throwback Thursday doesn’t include prehistoric as current. We’ve on-boarded CoolSculpt™ because it remains the industry standard on non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction.
Millions of treatments before you testify that it works.
aspireMD appreciates your demanding schedule. To ensure your treatment is as time-efficient as technologically possible - aspireMD has TWO CoolSculpt machines, which allows you to achieve your desired results twice as fast & with half of the treatment time.


CoolSculpting™ is Health Canada approved as a non-invasive alternative to surgical fat reduction. The increasingly large amount of individuals who have tried the treatment believe in and recommend CoolSculpt™ as their trainer's secret assistant.

Every individual is unique; hence experiences differ, yet our aspireMD patients have spoken to the high level of satisfaction they have experienced.

CoolSculpting™ has proven results and uses the science of cryolipolysis to deliver those results.

Health Canada has approved CoolSculpting™ for treating visible fat bulges from your chin to your knees, including inner and outer thighs, abdomen and flanks (the most common areas). CoolSculpt™ will also target back fat, bra fat, and what’s referred to as the “banana roll” (the area under your buttocks). It also works gym defying miracles on tenacious upper arm fat!

So you are inquiring as to whether the CoolSculpt™ treatment is right for you. We invite you to book a complimentary consultation, during that time you will be thoroughly assessed, template and a customized treatment plan with pricing options will be presented.

Implementing your customized treatment plan – expect to arrive the day of treatment armed and dangerous to fat cells!! You will be granted privacy to change into the anti-fashion assessment garb. Meticulous photography will ensue. We pursue every angle to celebrate your success from all profiles… and to prepare you for the paparazzi ;). You will be templated and marked to ensure precise applicator placement. With predetermined protocol, the appropriate CoolSculpt™ applicators are applied. While you relax and dial in Netflix™ of your choice, the CoolSculpt™ technology will target your trouble areas. The controlled freezing destroys the targeted cells of your stubborn areas. Your internal natural waste system then gathers the destroyed fat cells completely eradicating the dead cells from your body. 

When the applicator is first applied you will be aware of a tugging feeling, turning to cold, transitioning to a numb sensation over a 5-10 minute span. As your body acclimatizes, sensations diminish to neutral, and you only have Netflix on your mind, or chill completely with a nap. You are always in pagertouch with your clinician, on length your treatment will last 35-75 minutes on length depending on your unique treatment plan. 

Normal activities may resume immediately after your treatment! There is no downtime involved!

aspireMD will guide you in best diet and lifestyle practices with written protocol, to ensure your ongoing success.

Post-procedure discomfort and discolouration (i.e. bruising) or tenderness of the area is normal and resolves within days after the procedure.

You may notice changes occurring within two weeks of treatment. However defined results appear over 2-3 months. And 2-3 treatment sessions are often required as will be outlined in your individualized consultation.

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