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Enhance your peepers by discovering the secret to rich, lush lashes in as little as eight weeks. Daily use of Latisse™ has been clinically proven to grow eyelashes noticeably fuller, longer and darker – all without the hassle and irritation of extension glue and maintenance appointments. Latisse™ is a less expensive, more convenient and more natural-looking option than lash extensions!

Our aspireMD team is here to help get your grow on!

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Latisse™ is a prescription eyelash product that is applied to the upper lash line to boost the growth, length, volume and darker pigment of your natural lashes. It is only available through designated medical offices.

To address and dispel the urban myth that Latisse will change the colour of your eyes:

That myth originated from a similar medication that, when applied directly onto the eyeball to treat glaucoma, would rarely result in brown spots of the coloured iris. This has not been seen to occur with the Latisse lash solution when applied correctly to the upper lid lash line.

An initial consultation is required to review the use of this therapeutic medication.  Photographs of your lashes are taken (and kept as confidentially as your chart) to compare and celebrate your noticeable improvement at your three month follow-up. Patients apply a small amount of solution with provided brushes to the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes.

Initially, Latisse™ should be applied to the directed area on a daily basis. Lashes will become noticeably darker, fuller and longer within three months. After four months, treatments may be reduced to three times a week to maintain your eye-catching appearance.

Steps to applying latisse

  • Some patients have reported a slight irritation of the upper eyelid or redness of the eye when first starting treatment. This can be resolved by reducing application to twice weekly, then gradually increasing it to once daily.
  • You may notice the skin of your lash line darken, which will enhance your lash definition.

Proof Behind the Promise

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I have been using Latisse™ for a few months now. The results are amazing – my eyelashes have literally doubled in length. I have received many compliments, some asking if they are my own to which I proudly reply ‘yes’. They are spectacular!


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