The Season of Gratitude

The Season of Gratitude

Fall is such an ‘awe’ inspiring season. The weather cools and the days shorten, inviting the return of warm socks, hot cocoa and fire in the fireplace. Families draw closer together, but there is still some time to relax and reflect before the busy holiday season whisks us into the upcoming new year. The fall naturally invites quieter times of self-reflection and deeper thought, and it's good to consider all that we have to be thankful for. 

The luxury of aging

Yes, aging is a luxury, a gift that not all are blessed with.  The truth is, no matter how old you are, we are privileged to live in a time when age is merely a number, not a state of mind or reflection of vitality.

Our beautiful, strong, healthy bodies have given us so much to be grateful for, and deserve deep appreciation for the unique experiences of our lives. And there is no reason to fear the coming years, or to assume that age means an inevitable decline. Aging is a privilege – our psyche and soma enriched by all of our experiences.

The knowledge that enables us to choose how we age

We are also very fortunate that science and innovation provides options for positive aging of our minds, bodies and spirits. Unlike any other time in history, we can choose to live and age by design, rather than default. Our aspireMD Optimal Aging Program is Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo’s synergistic approach to preserve the best of you and correct/restore what may not be serving your natural/vital self.

We should celebrate our age, our experience and our confidence.  We have exciting options and choices to impact aspects of hormonal balance, hair, skin, face and body – aging just as we’ve lived – YOUniquely.

The technologies that provide comfort

We are also grateful for the advanced modalities and technologies that make our lives safer, more convenient, and more comfortable. We have more and better ways to stay calm and let us curate your pain-free experience.

Assured Comfort

aspireMD uses innovations such as our Zimmer device that directs soothing cool air onto your skin during laser treatments.  Dr. Jane, as both a pharmacist and physician has formulated a topical comfort cream that prevents pain.  Our Vibrator device blocks your pain sensation, easing injectable procedures.

Some procedures require injectable lidocaine, Dr. Jane is readily at your disposal for that relief aid as well. 

Dr. Jane invests in comfort tip cannulas to use in place of needles in many cases.  These rounded soft tips float the filler to its strategic destination (face, neck, hands, intimate areas) in a safer, less traumatic (means less bruises) and less painful manner.

We’re serious about your comfort … we’ve recently added ‘laughing gas’ to our pain management arsenal.  A handheld nitrous oxide inhaler which alleviates anxiety and diminishes pain.

Relax and be confident that any procedure you choose at aspireMD will be as easy and pain-free as possible.

Be your own beautiful

Positive Aging is a way to honour ourselves; to align our inner and outer being and live our best lives!  #

This fall, take time to reflect and appreciate your body and everything it has brought you to and through. Honour your self and your experience with genuine expressions of who you are.  Share your loving kindness with those who are close to you, and even those who are not. Be grateful for everything you have, and everything ahead.

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