Our neck and hands are often late to be included in our skin care routine. They seem to only get our attention when we become alarmed by a crinkled, lined or wattled neck, or skeletonized, brown splotched hands! ( surprise emoji with hands up to blue face ). Ugh! We can’t even hide them behind our masks;)

This Zoom Boom also spotlights our necks and taunts us with a reflection that invariably is looking older than we feel! The thin skin of the neck, the pull of gravity and exposure to the environmental aging elements all play a role. As our collective screen time has increased, tech neck is real.

No fret! aspireMD has been curating solutions for years now to age proof your neck and hands!


The fundamentals of optimal skin care for the face, should be extended to the neck and décolleté. This includes:

Skincare Steps  Dr. Jane’s Favourites
1. Cleansing with a pH balanced cleanser SKM,ZO or Alastin Facial Cleanser
2. Antioxidants and damage defense serum. 2CRM+ 
3. Specialty items to stimulate collagen and elastin. Alastin Restorative Neck Complex
4. Hydration.  HA5
5. Sunscreen. TiZO
6. Nightly Retinol.  Retinol

TIP use the backs of your hands as your pallet from which to sweep the product onto your face and neck (I use the back of my left hand for the product that is going to my face, then switch to the back of my right hand for the launch of my neck/decollete serums and creams).


A double chin maybe caused by extra fat, skin laxity or both. Your aspireMD skin care team will determine which is what and navigate the correction path for you.

Considerations for you are:


The ultimate approach for shrinking that extra pocket of stubborn fat. Our technology freezes the fat to the point of destruction and disappearance. Recognized by the FDA to also tighten the lax skin left in its wake.


When loose skin is the issue, aspireMD turns to the gold standard of face and body skin tightening – Thermage. Radiofrequency heat that reaches the deep dermoactive layer of the skin to activate the holy grail of optimal aging – collagen and elastin. Do your homework with daily Alastin Restorative Neck Complex to synergize your clinic experience.


If your neck skin reveals a combo of texture irregularities and laxity, your skin care advocate may decide that the Scarlet MicroNeedling RadioFrequency is the best approach for YOUnique neck. A device that provides a cumulative benefit of micropunctures to promote new skin growth, and the proven collagen stimulating radiofrequency to bolster the health and firmness of that skin.


We appreciate all this info is overwhelm – that’s why your aspireMD team is here to analyze your ‘situation’ and walk you thru the process to your best outcome. We are very proud of our flagship aspireNECK laser treatment. It addresses the three dimensions of aging – pigment change, aka red and brown splotches, skin laxity as well as fine bumps and lines. Three different passes of one sublime, fully customizable laser technology at it’s best!


Blame technology or just natural repetitive movements of our necks, regardless of the cause, ‘necklace lines’ are unwelcome. No worries, aspireMD is plugged into solutions.


Is def one of our faves, for all the reasons listed above.


Neuromodulators (aka Botox™). A few well-placed injections of skin relaxing protein will soften those obvious lines, repeat every 4 months.

PRP with HA

Injected directly into the lines or infused all over the canvas of skin – the powerful duo of PRP and HA is delivering immediate correction with a longer term investment in your body’s rejuvenative potential. Individualized approach is our MO, depending on your unique concerns, we may also infuse a customized medley of the above and more


Our hands are out there, catching the good and bad of the sun and environment. You all present with outstretched hands lamenting brown blotches and /or bulging veins over bony hands.


Natural hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler will immediately restore the lost volume in your hands that leads to the aged skeletonized look of your hands, causing your veins to bulge. The result is a softer pillowed hand – pleasant to the look and feel. For the ultimate restoration, Dr.Jane recommends combining HA with PRP. PRP is platelet rich plasma which is your body’s natural fountain of youth, stimulating your collagen and elastin rejuvenation. Keep in mind that any treatment that improves the face, will produce similar age defying results on the neck, décolleté, hands or other body part.

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