Love your Lips and Lashes

Lush Lips

Our mouths do all of our talking – Dr. Jane will ensure you’re expressing the most positive, vibrant version of yourself.   As one of the most defining and beautiful features on our face, our lips say a lot about us – showcasing our smile and highlighting our words.

Replenishing them to their former glory or enhancing them to your current aspirations – proper balance, side projection, lip border, cupids bow and surrounding tissue – are a few components to a naturally appealing pucker.

Knowledge and skill must be matched by artistic finesse to deliver the “Ooohlala , I love my lips,” and Dr. Jane at aspireMD will do just that!

Dr. Jane Burk-Vassallo honours that huge step to trust someone with such an intimate aspect of your face – she guarantees you’ll Love your Lush Lips – customized to suit your style!

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Lavish Lashes

Enhance your peepers by discovering the secret to rich, lush lashes in as little as eight weeks. With the daily use of Latisse™, eyelashes have been clinically proven to grow noticeably fuller, longer and darker – all without the hassle and irritation of extension glue and maintenance appointments.  Latisse ™ is a less expensive, more convenient and natural looking option than lash extensions!

Boost your eyelashes naturally. Our aspireMD team is here to help get your grow on!

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