Live by Design ... Not by Default

Hello My Friends,

Spring is always a time of renewal and new beginnings.  As such, it fertilizes my midlife manifesto – to live an intentional life.

Join me in a heartfelt conversation.   I was restless to change up the routine of my newsletter.  Rather than educate – I wish to converse with you, my friends. 

My personal journey has been to thoughtfully deviate from the autopilot that propelled my 20+ years of doctor/mom-dom.  With a husband who worked a 2+ hour commute away, and all the other extended family 16000 km away – I admit, for the most part, I lived by default – reactionary.  

Presently, I am disrupting that hardwiring and rewriting my mantra to live with deliberate design.

And that design is that I (and you) decide how each day is going to unfold. 

Wowza!  How can we have such control over what comes our way???

Well, while we can’t choose what conditions bombard us – we can definitely choose our perspective and response to those events.

We must not allow any other person’s influence or reaction to control our reality.   We don’t want to be default reactors – instead, we want to be conscious discerners as to what we choose to focus on and how we chose to interpret what we experience – all culminating in creating the life we envision.

To achieve mindful awareness, I suggest we guard 20 minutes each morning to set our tone for the day.  Covet that time and space and set your intention for Deliberate Positive Alignment and hold on to it for as much of the day as possible (let me know if you want more on the how to’s of this).

Here’s a scientific (I can’t help myself ;) ) fun fact.

Our eyes take in:

400 Billion (that’s 400,000,000,000) pieces of information per second.

Yet we process only 2000 pieces of information per second.

Therefore, we only notice 0.0000000005% of our reality.

The great news is we can purposefully decide what we choose to notice by intentionally applying a positive filter.

When we dwell on and rehash the ‘negative reality’ of our current context – it magnifies what we may not want and keeps us there.  Instead, transmute your vision to a hopeful outlook and positive outcome. Tune yourself (like a radio frequency dial) to an upbeat channel of telecast and receptivity.

You attract more of what you choose to focus on. You are in control to shift your focus, thereby curating a life you desire.

More on the how-to’s in future conversations!

Further to intentional living – I have created for myself and encourage you to follow as well, a deliberate first step to selfwardly reflect the same love and care you selflessly project to all in your blessed realm.

Thank you for joining me in this conversation … I look forward to more heart to hearts in our future newsletters.

Live well,


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