Chaos to Calm

Chaos to Calm

Steps to Practical Application

As the COVID -19 pandemic expands its footprint and tightens its grip, it is understandable that fear and anxiety, due to uncertainty, are amplifying as well.

With calm focus we will help transform the intensity of personal fear into a more grounded attitude of stability and control. This intentionally simple yet effective tool is a mobile device within you, which you can activate at any moment. Its purpose is to help you move through the uncertainties and rapid changes of life with inner peace and self- empowerment. Such steadiness grants you clearer thinking and discernment thereby much better choices maintaining our physical and emotional health as well as clarity in our reasoning.


Research has shown that our immune system is enhanced by:

 -balancing and uplifting the energetic nature of our thoughts and emotions

-extending compassionate care for others and ourselves


In contrast, fear (anxiety, stress, worry) compromises our immune system, making us vulnerable to viruses and disease.


Fear disempowers and distances us from our own intuitive guidance of our best inner self.  The abyss of the media is consuming. We want to stay informed, yet create space and protect our grounding. Our controlled concern is a mental and emotional state that will keep us connected without debilitating us by the emotional virus of fear’s momentum.

Like any new skill, it takes knowledge, awareness and practice. Give yourself patience and grace, with discipline and faith in the ensuing benefits of calm confidence and empowerment.

Ultimately our goal for a happy and satisfied life is to potentiate our capacity by strengthening our personal resilience. To move through times of upheaval, with stress and chaos swirling around, by restoring self -security and balance.

Disentangle from the habits of overthinking or worrying by bringing yourself back to the present moment. Right here. Right now.

Awareness – be aware when your thoughts spiral into future projections, trying to fix things or being swept away by stories. Such is not helpful and fuels anxiety. Being aware that this hijack has happened is your cue to gently guide yourself back to the present moment. Using your body as an anchor is a tangible, practical, ever present aid for settling into calm focus.

Breathe – Centre your attention where you feel your breath most strongly ~  i.e. the cool inhale at the nostrils, or the expansion of the belly (I like to be aware of both as it reminds me to do the opposite that we ladies have always practiced – ‘big breath in to tuck in the tummy’. Nope! Our full calming breath means our diaphragm must pull down to open our lung capacity – so our belly must expand to allow for our best self growth! ). With our exhale we’ll feel warmth at the nostril opening and the squeeze of the belly.


         INHALE – drink your breath in … Arriving


         EXHALE- feel yourself settle. Let your body relax like glitter in a snowglobe as it floats to the ground… Settling





…& repeat


Five breaths will make a difference, one minute is better … and you’ll soon crave longer.


Ground yourself by placing your hand on your heart – bring attention to the physical sensation, connecting to your inner core, feeling safe and grounded.  Offer yourself love, tenderness and security. Offer others the same wish of love and support.

Hold a conscious intention in your heart to change feelings of anxiety or fear into feelings of calm concern.

Settle your mind to find wisdom and courage where action can be taken. We can change how we relate to uncertainty, recognizing that it is often our own stories and projections that heighten our unfounded fears. With stability of mind, we gain more spacious perspective, thereby more skillfully cope with the pain we are witness to.

Practice will increase our capacity to maintain care and compassion for humanity’s challenges without losing our personal balance and calm. Remember, any progress is a lot of progress when reducing fear. Be kind and patient with yourself.


It is within you to calm and ground yourself so your mind is more settled and your heart less heavy.


Wishing you inner peace and stability;


Dr. Jane




Reader's Choice Diamond Award Winner
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