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Thursday January 18, 2018 | 7:00 PM | White Oaks Conference Centre

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Featuring world renown Geneticist Dr. Mansoor Mohammed - One of the most sought after national and international conference speakers in this genre.

We are able to make personalized supplements for every single patient based on their unique genes using the best materials on the planet. This is Youtrients™ "

- Dr. Mansoor Mohammed

aspireMD invites you to an opportunity to be on the leading edge of the scientific path to personalized wellbeing.

Through saliva testing, a portion of your individual DNA code is analyzed and interpreted at the nation’s most prestigious research lab. We then empower you with the lifestyle, nutritional and supplement recommendations that will enhance your advantageous gene expression and minimize your harmful genetic code potential.

The particular pathways examined are: cognitive function, cardiovascular systems, hormone processing, metabolic enzyme activation (methylation) and your body’s detoxification ability.

To achieve your greatest health and wellness benefit, we have partnered with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed and Youtrients™ to formulate nutriceuticals precisely tailored to optimize your Personal Genetic Code. You no longer need to worry what to take or if the “one vitamin fits all” supplements you now take are of any value to you, or even worse, harmful to you.

Youtrients™ applies decades of world class expertise in combination with research and clinical experience to reveal the precise formulation solely for your personal genetic code. Your specific risk for disease is examined, and optimization of your health and lifestyle wellness is evaluated.

As new research comes to light, we apply these findings to your individualized genetic code, then modify or add to your supplement regime. This means you are always taking the right nutrients, for your very best health, for the rest of your life.

Lifestyle Genomics – a scientific path to your personalized wellbeing.